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We replace house stumps & level timber floors

Have you recently had a building report identify stump issues with your property?

Is your house on a lean that annoys you?

Does your property have squeaky timber floors and doors and windows not opening and closing properly.


House Restumping

The positive about house restumping is that it often doesn’t require council planning and approval. This means that if you have concerns about damaged house stumps, you can get a quote from Raise My House and start immediately on the repair.

The restumping process is not dissimilar to replacing tyres on your car. We support the house on hydraulic jacks and carefully take the weight off the existing old house stump. Usually, we’ll do a few at a time so that we lift a section together. Once the weight is carefully lifted it allows us to dig around the footing of the existing stump until the point that we can pull the old stump out.

Once the stump is removed a hole is left behind. We remove enough soil and sand to make it easy to install a H5 100mm x 100m timber stump with a termite cap installed on a sole plate. At this stage we back fill the hole and lower the jacks.

Restumping Perth Services

Need a company that can perform house restumping, reblocking and releveling at an affordable price?

Look no further than Raise My House in Perth. We service up to 50km around the Perth CBD, with a quick response to providing a affordable solution to your sub floor issues.

You can count on us to keep your house safe for many years to come. We provide a professional service for both residential and commercial properties, carrying out all aspects of house restumping. We guarantee a long lasting reliable result. Our regular client base consists of homeowners, landlords and building managers who have to deal with structural building maintenance and upkeep.

Our services

At Raise My House our services include:

  • House restumping & House releveling

  • Subfloor (bearer/joist) replacement

  • Structural repairs

  • New stump extensions

  • Decking repairs

  • Veranda Repairs

Why choose us?

Our skilled team at Raise My House in Perth have years of proven experience behind them in house restumping, reblocking and releveling.

We are proud to be a fully accredited and insured company with public liability, workers compensation & personal accident cover. And, we guarantee customer satisfaction when it comes to our reliable workmanship and competitive prices!

Don't hesitate to call us in Perth for more information 0477716686

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