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Have you recently had a building report identify stump issues with your property?
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Perth House Restumping Process

The positive about house restumping is that it often doesn’t require council planning and approval. This means that if you have concerns about damaged house stumps, you can get a quote from Raise My House and start immediately on the repair.

The restumping process is not dissimilar to replacing tyres on your car. We support the house on hydraulic jacks and carefully take the weight off the existing old house stump. Usually, we’ll do a few at a time so that we lift a section together. Once the weight is carefully lifted it allows us to dig around the footing of the existing stump until the point that we can pull the old stump out.

Once the stump is removed a hole is left behind. We remove enough soil and sand to make it easy to install the timber stump and ant capping. The stump is cut to size and concrete poured in the hole with sufficient time allowed for dry time. We return to site and lower the house onto the newly installed stump/s, removing all the old stumps and rubbish created from the change out.

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