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Restumping a house Perth

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Why should we Restump a house

There are many reasons for re-stumping. 1. When you have slanting or uneven floors 2. Considering major renovation to an older house 3. Have wide spread moisture in the foundations 4. House is more than 30 years old 5. Drying caused by drought can cause cracks and stumps to move 6. When house is built on reactive clay, fill or other unstable soils, this can lead to cracking in brick walls and movement in foundations

Signs that you may have sub-floor problems 1. Gaps around doors and windows 2. Cracks in plaster or bricks 3. Bouncy and spongy floors 4. Sticking and misaligned windows or doors 5. Water intrusion 6. Unpleasant odours coming from subfloors

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